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lifespan meter, lifetime indicator, expired warning, lifetime countdown, water filter, UV lamp

Now a day, most of people use water filter to keep their drinking water clean and healthy. In order to keep the water filter in good performance, people should change their filter before its lifetime expired. But the lifetime of the filter may last for serval months or even a year. It is quite possible to be forgotten, because the modern life is too busy to remember most of the routing details. This is why our company develop this timer.

• It's easy to use! The interval is preset. Just press the button or tear off the isolative tab to active the reminder.
• It's tiny! You may stick anywhere you like.
• It's accurate! Always precisely and continuously remind you to replace new and fresh water filter!
• It's soft, consistent, and effectively warning! When the water filter expire, Full LCD screen FLASHING plus Heavy Intensive LED lamp Blinking.
• Never stop warning unless the button is depressed for next cycle.
• When time expired, just press the button again to restart next cycle counting.
• Various preset intervals available for choose, 30 days, 90 days, 180 days, 270 days, 365 days, and more ….

Picture shows below is TR900-180D, which is 180 days preset countdown timer/reminder.

Welcome OEM/ODM for special application!