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We are a professional manufacturer of various kinds of clock, timer, programmable timer, chronometer, thermometer, hygrometer, and calculator in Taiwan. With more than 30 years experience in the field, - We have numerous products ready for your choice. - We know how to design product according to your cost target. - We know how to follow your specifications to make your product exactly. - We will try hard to serve you with full satisfaction. we dedicated in the Design and Manufacture of: TIMER–Comprehensive versions for various applications. CLOCK–Various output modes for different application. TARGET DAY COUNTDOWN CLOCK. CHRONOMETER–Lifespan meter or other applications. THERMOMETER. HYGROMETER. CALCULATOR - Customer Made. Welcome OEM/ODM Project

miniature clock module, 20C-99E

VOSCA Corporation’s highly trained professional workforce and dedicated engineers are committed to meet customer’s satisfaction. Our Clock, Timer, Alarm Clock, Countdown Clock, Countdown Timer and miniature clock module is widely appreciated by the customers due to their longer functional life, reasonable price and less maintenance.
miniature clock module


miniature clock module

VOSCA CORPORATION not only provides competitive prices, excellent quality but also helps customers to solve technical problems, improve quality, reduce extra costs, and assist customers to become more competitive.

As a professional digital clock, timer, thermometer, and hygrometer supplier, we can also offer customized modules with special control pole, timers with constant period to countdown, meters to measure or indicate lifespan of filter, cartridge, and etc.

This is a regular clock module with 5-function. It has two rubber buttons installed, "display", and "set". Use "display" button to enter three display modes, hour:minute, month-date, and second. Press "set" button to enter setting mode, and apply "display" button to adjust the readings.

Sized as 35 x 18.4 mm with 8.0 mm thickness. Operated with a piece of alkaline button cell, LR44, which is installed at rear side of clock module. By request, extra connector is available for external power source connection.

It is good for general purpose application.
Specifications :

  1. Physical Size
    • Plastic Frame - 35 x 18.4 mm
    • Module Thickness - 8.0 mm (including battery)
  2. LCD
    • Screen - 20 x 10.90 mm
    • Number of Digit - 3 1/2 digits
    • Digit Height - 7.0 mm
  3. Button: 2 keys
  4. Power Source: 1.50 volts, 1 pc of LR41, included
  5. Electrical Specification
    • Operating Voltage - +1.20 ~ + 1.80 volts
    • Current Drain - 3uA typically
    • Operation Temperature - -10 ~ +50 ℃
    • Storage Temperature - -20 ~ +60 ℃

Features :

  • 5-function LCD clock module
  • Display hour-minute, month-date, and second
  • Available in 12-hour system only

Main Products :

Digital Clock, Countdown Timer, AC On/Off Programmable Timer, and Thermometer

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