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LCD Clock Module with External Power Source and Buttons Connection, 4XC-A0J

We are supported by a team of highly skilled and qualified professionals, which helps us in catering to the variegated requirements of our clients in an efficient manner. Also, we can build custom LCD Clock Module with External Power Source and Buttons Connection to meet your requirements, whether standard or special.
real time clock module 4XC-A0J


LCD Clock Module with External Power Source and Buttons Connection

New designed LCD clock module with external connection for power source and buttons. All external connection pins are at two edges of PCB. The LCD screen size is measured as 35 x 15.5 mm with digit height 10.7 mm. Total thickness of module is 7 mm. Both 12-hr or 24-hr versions are available.

Its physical size is a convenient to be installed into many kinds of electronic device as a real time indicator. Low power consumption and narrowed time deviation are the two main reasons why this clock module received many applause from both industries and consumers.
Specifications :

  • Physical Size
    • PCB Size: 55 x 32 mm
    • Plastic Frame: 43 x 32 mm
    • Thickness: 7 mm (battery not included )
  • LCD Display
    • Screen Size: 36 x 16 mm
    • Number of Digit - 4 digits
    • Digit Height: about 11.4 mm
  • Button: External connection, 2 keys (related solder pads at the edge of PCB)
  • Power Source: +1.5VDC, external connection; ( solder pads at both edges of PCB)
  • Technical Data
    • Operating Voltage: +1.20 ~ + 1.70 volts
    • Typical Current Drain: 3 μA in normal condition
    • Operation Temperature: -10 ~ +50 °C
    • Storage Temperature: -20 ~ +60 °C

Features :

  • Display hour and minute
  • Available in both 12-hour and 24-hour version
  • Possible to synchronize the second reading (<30 seconds reset to zero, >=30 seconds add 1 minute and reset to zero)

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