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Negative LCD Daily Alarm Clock Module with White Backlight, 51C-160YZ-NW

At VOSCA Corporation, we strive to bring you the best Clock, Timer, Alarm Clock and Negative LCD Daily Alarm Clock Module with White Backlight for the best price. We are dedicated to fulfill the needs of our customers by offering high quality products as well as prompt and reliable services.
Negative Display Daily Alarm Clock Module with White Backlight


Negative LCD Daily Alarm Clock Module with White Backlight

This is a Negative LCD alarm clock module with white backlight, 12 hr version, 4 daily alarms, with white color LED backlight.
Backlight can be in amber, yellow, green, and blue colors too. Option to select 12 or 24 hour version. Battery holder (UM4 x 2) is mounted on the back for testing purpose only. Due to LED consuming higher power, suggest to connect power source externally. Requested power is 3.3 VDC. Backlight may be controlled by IC or power source directly to turn ON always. For IC controlled version, depress of any button will activate the backlight. Alarm output poles are available upon request. Possible to select individual pole for each alarm output or single pole for all alarms output.
Specifications :

  1. Physical Size
    • PCB Size: 70 x 60 mm
    • Plastic Frame: 58 x 40 mm
    • Thickness: 10 mm (battery not included )
  2. LCD Display
    • Screen Size: 49.3 x 22.3 mm
    • Number of Digit: 4 digits
    • Digit Height: about 16.00 mm
    • Negative LCD display
  3. Button: tact s/w, 3 keys mode/set/adjust normally, two additional keys Snooze/Reset (second) available upon request
  4. Power Source: External + 3.30 volts ,
  5. Technical Data
    • Typical Current Drain
      - Normal display mode: 5 mA in normal display (for blue back-lite)
      - Audible Alarm: about 12 mA
    • Operation Temperature: -10 ~ +50 °C
    • Storage Temperature: -20 ~ +60 °C
    • Output Options
      - 4K Hzs audio alarm for 1 minute
      - Each individual level output pole for each alarm; total 4 poles. Good to drive 4 individual device.

Features :

  • Regular clock: hour, and minute
  • 4-daily alarms
  • Both 24-hour and 12-hour version are available
  • White color LED backlit (other colors are available too)
  • Key tone

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