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timer module with clock, 50D-A0N-MS

We ensure that our timer module with clock goes through different quality tests to maintain the desired quality standards for our offerings. Alongside innovation, we maintain a great variety of essentials too, tried and tested by our loyal customers. Let VOSCA Corporation build the highest performance timer module with clock for your applications. We can promise that whatever your timer module with clock problem is, we will find a way to solve it to your satisfaction. If you have any questions regarding any of the services we offer, please don't hesitate to inform us. We look forward to being of service to you.
timer module with clock


timer module with clock

This is a timer module with real time clock. The timer has maximum countdown capacity of 99 minutes 59 seconds. Two other optional capacities 99 hours 59 minutes, and 99 days 23 hours are available too. The clock mode shows hour and minute. Both 12 hr or 24 hr system are available upon request.

Mounted with a UM4 (or AAA) battery holder at the rear side, this clock and timer module is powered with 1.50V, and operated with 6 tact switches, each 3 for both clock and timer. The key operation is simple and user friendly.

The timer is featured with audible alarm when counting down to zero. Piezo buzzer with amplified circuit is built in the module to provide high volume of beep sound. Along with audible alarm, the full LCD display keeps blinking always when counting down reaches zero, unless the "stop" button is depressed.

Four digits LCD display with 16 mm digit height shows real time or countdown timer by depressing of each mode button.

Options of timer countdown capacity:
  • 99M59S 50D-A0N-MS
  • 99H59M 50D-A0N-HM
  • 99D23H 50D-A0N-DH
Specifications :

  1. Timer Capacity: 99 minutes 59 seconds
  2. Resolution: 1 second
  3. Setting Interval: 1 second (minimum)
  4. Pysical Size:
    • PCB Size: 70 x 51.2 mm
    • Plastic Frame: 58 x 40 mm
    • Thickness: 7 mm (battery not included )
  5. LCD Display
    • Screen Size: 49.3 x 22.3 mm
    • Number of Digit: 4 digits
    • Digit Height: about 16.00 mm
  6. Button:tact s/w, 6 keys, on the front
  7. Power Source: +1.5VDC, use one piece of UM4(AAA), battery holder mounted, but battery not included
  8. Technical Data:
    • Operating Voltage: +1.20 ~ + 1.70 volts
    • Typical Current Drain: 3μA in normal condition; 400 μA at alarm mode
    • Operation Temperature: -10 ~ +50 °C
    • Storage Temperature: -20 ~ +60 °C
    • Output:
      1. Audible alarm, 4 KHz for 1 minute
      2. Level, 1.5 VDC, 100μA, for 1 minute

Features :


  • Regular clock: hour, and minute
  • Available in both 24-hour and 12-hour version Timer
  • Resolution: 1 second
  • Automatic appropriate change of LCD format during counting process
  • Alert Method: audible alarm for 1 minute
Model List:
  • 50D-A0N-MS countdown capacity 99M59S
  • 50D-A0N-HM countdown capacity 99H59M
  • 50D-A0N-DH countdown capacity 99D23H

Main Products :

Digital Clock, Countdown Timer, AC On/Off Programmable Timer, and Thermometer

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