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Stick-on 6-Month Reminder, TR810S-180D

VOSCA Corporation's highly trained professional workforce and dedicated engineers are committed to meet customer's satisfaction. Our Stick-on 6-Month Reminder is widely appreciated by the customers due to their longer functional life, reasonable price, and less maintenance. We have well-maintained quality management comprising a team of experienced professionals that keeps an eye on Stick-on 6-Month Reminder to ensure durability. If you want to know more relative information about Stick-on 6-Month Reminder, please contact us immediately.
6-Month Reminder TR810S-180D


Stick-on 6-Month Reminder

This is a 6-month reminder with a reset button. It can help you accurately calculate the remaining service life of any service-related components, such as air filters, water filters, filter elements, ultraviolet lamps, ... etc. When the service life is up, you can replace new parts on time to maintain normal quality. Or all kinds of durable equipment, such as automobiles, water purification systems, air-conditioning equipment, pianos, etc., must be regularly maintained in a 6-month cycle. It can even be used to help you calculate the remaining days before various important annual events or activities.

Take the water filter as an example. When a new filter is loaded, you can press the reset button to start a 6-month countdown. After the preset time is exceeded, the full LCD screen will flicker to remind you that the life span is reached. The filter needs to be replaced with a new one. If the flickering of the LCD screen is not enough to warn you, you may choose optional feature, called "Energy-Saving Sound Infinite Alarm", ESSIA, which beep six times continuously then wait for 10 seconds and repeat the same cyclically. Never stop unless the button is pressed.

After the countdown reaches zero, the timer usually stops at "zero" and the LCD continues to flash but no longer counts. However, in addition to this, you can also choose an optional feature to switch the timer to a stopwatch to measure the elapsed time after the service life expires

We are a professional manufacturer of clocks and timers in Taiwan, providing high-quality year timers, countdown timers, countdown clocks, infinite alarm timers, infinite alarm clocks and UV lamp life meters. If the current design is not suitable for your application, we can partially modify the existing one, or design and manufacture a new model according to the buyer's requirements.

Welcome to make any requests and join OEM/ODM partners.
Other available versions to countdown 365 days, 300 days, 200 days, 180days, 100 days, 90 days, 60 days, 30 days, and many more …….
Specifications :

  1. Power source: 1 pc of LR44 (included)
  2. Preset time interval: 189 days
  3. Resolution: 1 second after countdown to 1 hour
  4. LCD screen: 18.0 x 9.0 mm
  5. Button: Single for system reset
  6. Diameter: 40 mm
  7. Thickness: 14 mm
  8. Bulk Packed: 50 pcs/tray, 1,000 pcs per carton, gross weight 14.6 kgs, CUFT 2.58'

Features :

  1. Alert Method – When the time is up, the entire LCD flashes until the button is pressed.
    1. To save battery power, select LCD blinking only.
    2. Or choose "Energy-Saving Sound Infinite Alarm" along with full LCD screen flashing to emphasize the warning.
  2. LCD screen friendly switch to proper formats: DD->DH->HM->MS
  3. Simple operation – One key to restart 180 days counting.
  4. Double-sided adhesive – Allows you to stick the timer wherever you like.
  5. The setting may be fixed to a certain service life, if necessary.
  6. Special features are welcome!

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