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Stick-on Fixed Minute Reminder, TR810T-5M, TR810T-3M, TR810T-2M, TR810T-1M,

VOSCA Corporation has a wide variety of Stick-on Fixed Minute Reminder for many different applications. With many years of experience, we have the core technical knowledge for Stick-on Fixed Minute Reminder to satisfy our customers' demands. Our Stick-on Fixed Minute Reminder is known for their long work life, easy handling, and low maintenance. This has been possible with the use of the best raw materials that go into the manufacturing of our expansive product line. Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.
5 minutes cooking timer TR810T-5M

TR810T-5M, TR810T-3M, TR810T-2M, TR810T-1M,

Stick-on Fixed Minute Reminder

These are specific minute reminders with two buttons, one for "Start/Stop" and the other for "Reset". It can help you keep reminding how long a short-span event will expire. Used to manage time limits for brushing teeth, cooking, playing chess, or any short-term activity.

When countdown to zero, full LCD display flickering continuously, unless the "start/stop" button pressed. If the flickering of the LCD screen is not enough to remind you, it is recommended that you choose IFR alarm method, a kind and friendly one-minute ringtone. Please refer to Feature item #2-a.
After the countdown reaches zero, you can choose to switch the timer to a stopwatch and start timing immediately. The purpose of this option is to provide users with an event expiration time.

If the current design is not suitable for application, we can partially modify the existing models, or design and manufacture a new model according to the buyer's requirements. As a professional clock and timer manufacturer in Taiwan, we can help customers develop timers or clocks suitable for their specific applications.
Specifications :

  1. Power source: 1 pc of LR44 (included)
  2. Low current consumption: less than 3µA
  3. Button: 2, “start/stop” and “setback” (i.e., “reset”)
  4. Diameter: 40 mm
  5. Thickness: 14 mm
  6. Bulk Packed: 50 pcs/tray, 1,000 pcs per carton, gross weight 14.6 kgs, CUFT 2.58'

Features :

  1. When the countdown time is up, the full LCD screen will continue to flash until the "Start/Stop" button is pressed.
  2. Selection of alarm mode: IFR Alarm, an intimate and friendly ringtone for a minute:
    1. 1 beep in 0 ~ 12 seconds
    2. 2 beep in 13 ~ 24 seconds
    3. 4 beep in 25 ~ 36 seconds
    4. 8 beep in 37 ~ 48 seconds
    5. 49~60 seconds continuous beep
    In this way, the user's counting the number of tones can know how long the timeout has been.
  3. Double-sided adhesive – Allows you to stick the timer wherever you like.
  4. The setting can be fixed to other time intervals.
  5. Special features are welcome!

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VOSCA Corporation has been the world leader in manufacturing Stick-on Fixed Minute Reminder, to achieve the customer's needs, we had to obtain a maximum level of performance, business, and manufacturing excellence. Renowned for their higher efficiency, accuracy and durability, our Stick-on Fixed Minute Reminder is setting standards of performance and high quality in the entire market. VOSCA Corporation is committed to developing Stick-on Fixed Minute Reminder that ultimately create innovative products that exceed customer expectations. Thank you for your time and business, if you have any questions or needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.