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5 minutes reminder, dual-key, TR810T-5M

VOSCA Corporation carries a wide variety of 5 minutes reminder, dual-key for you. You can find almost all kinds of 5 minutes reminder, dual-key at a reasonable price here. We look forward to serving you in all of your needs. VOSCA Corporation has earned a reputation for the highest quality offering in the 5 minutes reminder, dual-key, 5 minutes reminder, dual-key market. Our commitment to excellence and dedication to customer satisfaction acts as our vision for the future. If you are looking for 5 minutes reminder, dual-key, please do not hesitate to inform us.
TR810T-5M, a 5 minutes reminder


5 minutes reminder, dual-key

This is a 5 minutes reminder with two keys operation. Good for 5 minutes reminding of personal routing works and activities, like game, exercise, cooking, studying, lecturing, meeting, ... etc.. Press the left key to start or stop counting, press the other key to set back to the default value, 5 minutes. There are two ways of alert when time up:

---- Endless Visual Alert: Full LCD display blinking always
---- Audible Alert: 1 minute beep
Specifications :

  1. Power source: 1.5V, 1 pc of LR44 (installed)
  2. Preset Time Interval: 5 minutes always
  3. Resolution: 1 second
  4. LCD Display View Area: 18.0 x 9.0 mm
  5. Button: two, the left one to start or stop countdown, the right one to set back to to default value, 5 minutes
  6. Diameter: 40 mm
  7. Thickness:
    • 14 mm without alarm
    • 17 mm with alarm
  8. Bulk Packed: 50 pcs/tray, 1,000 pcs per carton, gross weight 14.6 kgs, CUFT 2.58'

Features :

  1. When time up, full LCD blinking endlessly
    • To save battery power choose LCD blinking only.
    • Or choose 1 minute audible alert together with LCD blinking to emphasize the warning.
  2. Easy operation
    • Two buttons, one to start or stop countdown, the other to set back to default value, 5 minutes
  3. Double sided adhesive backing sticks to almost any surface
  4. It is possible to help you program any time interval for special application.
    • Please provide the details....
  5. Welcome special features ---
    • Please provide the information of changes.

Main Products :

VOSCA Corporation has been providing clock module with control leads, timer module with output poles, event countdown clock, special purpose timer and clock and lifespan timer, in Taiwan for about 30 years.

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Over the years, we’ve grown, developed and extended our offering to provide the very best in 5 minutes reminder, dual-key. VOSCA Corporation continues to win the satisfaction of customers around the world. Due to our better understanding of the client's requirements, we are able to manufacture a range that is just as per the specifications laid down by our clients. Having a question about VOSCA Corporation or want to know more details about 5 minutes reminder, dual-key, 5 minutes reminder, dual-key? Email or call our Sales Support Team about your questions before purchasing.