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Clock Module – UM4 Battery Holder Mounted Alarm

VOSCA Corporation has earned a reputation to support the 50 series – UM4 Battery Holder Mounted Alarm Clock Module we sell with the best technical support and customer service in the Electronic Supplies industry. Moreover, we have devoted ourselves to serve the clients with our durability, fair price and strong efficiency of Clock Module.
  • PCB size: 70 x 51.2 x 1 mm
  • Frame size: 58 x 40 x 6 mm
  • LCD screen size 49 x 21.9 mm
  • Mounting holes available
  • Good for DIY application
  • Optional output poles available for selection
  • Output poles can be arranged at both edges of PCB
  • Mini-size connector with or without wire can be provided if needed
  • One piece of UM4 (AAA) battery holder installed at rear side
  • Up to 6 tact switches available


Clock Module

This is a popular 5-function real time clock module, sized as 58 x 40 mm with 9.6 mm thickness (battery holder not included). Display hour:minute, month-date, and second by turn with the pressing of "display" button. Along with "display" button, "set" button is installed at the rear side too.

12-hour regular LCD clock module with UM4 (AAA) battery holder and two tact switches mounted on the backside. The design is clean, simple, and chic. It is not only a clock module for further step of application, but also can be used as a portable real time finish clock to allow you put anywhere you like to show you current time precisely. Furthermore, its digit height is as tall as 19 mm. So people can glance the time easily.

Indeed, it is a cost effective and practical clock or clock module for comprehensive application and use.


4 daily perpetual remindings digital LCD time module

24-hour version digital LCD 4 channels of daily reminding clock module with 3 keys. Each reminding channel has its own individual output pole. Optionally all reminding channels may share the same output pole too. It operates 1.5 V DC with extremely low power consumption. AAA (UM4) battery holder is mounted on the rear side. Soldering pads for power input, buttons, and output poles are arranged at both sides of PCB for external connection. 12-hour version is available too.


perpetual alarm clock module

This is a LCD 4 channels perpetual alarm clock module with 3 tact switches on the front. The PCB Size is 70 x 51.2 mm, while plastic frame is 58 x 40 mm. Four daily alarm channels are built-in. This is 24-hour system. 12-hour system is available upon request. Two options of alarm method are ready for choice, 1) one minute regular audible alarm or 2) endless or perpetual audible PSEA (power saving endless alert) alarm. Due to its significant power saving by applying PSEA alert circuit, this clock module is good to be used for long term reminding, such as pill or dosing reminding, job reminding, wake up reminding, or any daily activity. To confirm and stop alarm, just press the "confirm" (i.e., mode) key once.

A piece of UM4 (AAA) battery holder is mounted on the backside normally. But all the necessary soldering pads for external connection such as power supply, and keys are ready at right hand edge of PCB.

As well as audible alarm output pole, this alarm clock module also provides level or pulse signal output poles for each individual alarm channel or compiling in one single pole. The soldering pads are ready at the left edge of PCB.

Built with three friendly operated keys, "mode", "set", and "adjust". Press "mode" key to switch normal display into each alarm channel. Press "set" key to enter setting mode of current time, and then press "adjust" key to change its reading. Various options of key combination are available upon request. It provides product designer more flexibility of creating a 2 keys, 3 keys, 4 keys, or 5 keys product. For 2 keys, the "mode" and "adjust" are combined together into one key. For 5 keys, the additional two keys are " snooze", and "second reset". The "snooze" key is applied for the primary alarm channel only. For 4 keys version, people may select "snooze" or "second reset" as the additional key.

Furthermore, the features of sophisticated combination and options of output poles allow circuit engineer has more options to be selected for more comprehensive applications.


clock module with countdown timer - 99M59S

This is clock module with countdown timer. The clock mode shows hour and minute. Both 12 hr or 24 hr system are available upon request. For the timer mode, the maximum countdown capacity is 99 minutes 59 seconds. Two other optional capacities 99 hours 59 minutes, and 99 days 23 hours are available too.

Mounted with a UM4 (or AAA) battery holder at the rear side, this clock and timer module is powered with 1.50V, and operated with 6 tact switches, each 3 for both clock and timer. The key operation is simple and user friendly.

The timer is featured with audible alarm when counting down to zero. Piezo buzzer with amplified circuit is built in the module to provide high volume of beep sound. Along with audible alarm, the full LCD display keeps blinking always when counting down reaches zero, unless the "stop" button is depressed.

Four digits LCD display with 16 mm digit height shows real time or countdown timer by depressing of each mode button.

50 series – UM4 Battery Holder Mounted Alarm Clock Module features high quality and excellent durability. Moreover, our goal was to create a shopping experience that was enjoyable, one stop and secure;sales team can answer your questions and provide help with choosing any of our 50 series – UM4 Battery Holder Mounted Alarm Clock Module products.