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7-Channels AC Power On/Off Time Switch Module
Compact size 7-channel daily On/Off time switch module. Good to apply to daily Timer Switch controllable electrical powered device, such as electric fan, coffee maker, rice cooker, motor, air pump.


Negative LCD Daily Alarm Clock Module with White Backlight
This is a Negative LCD alarm clock module with white backlight, 12 hr version, 4 daily alarms, with white color LED backlight.


180 days Periodic Reminder with LED Blinking
After long term counting, some people fear to hear noisy alarm sound especially in a peace ...


lifespan reminder
This lifespan reminder is a pre-programmed countdown timer. Designed particularly for the ...


hour adjustable timer
We also design and manufacture new models / products according to buyer's request.
Your any ...


500 hours reminder
This is a 500 hours reminder with single key operation. Good for 500 hours reminding of ro ...


10 minutes reminder, dual-key
Endless Visual Alert: Full LCD display blinking always...


30 minutes reminder, dual-key
Good for 30 minutes reminding of routing works, like routing activity reminder, job reminder, pill reminder, meeting, ... etc..