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Lifespan Indicator

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VOSCA CORPORATION not only provides competitive prices, excellent quality but also helps customers to solve technical problems, improve quality, reduce extra costs, and assist customers to become more competitive.

As a professional digital clock, timer, thermometer, and hygrometer supplier, we can also offer customized modules with special control pole, timers with constant period to countdown, meters to measure or indicate lifespan of filter, cartridge, and etc.

This lifespan indicator helps you measure any long-lasting parts or devices, which lifetime is an essential factor to the performance. The measurement range is from 0 minute 0 second up to 9,999 days.

Automatically LCD screen proper switching format in different counting stage:

mm:ss -> hh:mm -> dd:hh -> dddd

Put the timer wherever you want it.
Adhesive backing sticks to almost any surface.

It is a lifespan reminder. With this people can know when the lifetime of the concerned parts or devices is expired and take action to replace a new one in time to avoid any malfunction happen. Such products like cartridge, filter, lamp, UV filter, are the examples. When the lifetime expired their performance gets down sharply without replace new one. It is good also for lab to measure duration for long term test.

Welcome OEM/ODM project. Our experienced engineering team is capable to help clients design and build the product according to their special application.
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instruction manual of LS810 (113 KB)
  • Power source: 1 pc of LR44 (included)
  • Diameter: 40mm
  • Thickness: 14mm
  • Maximum Measurement Period: 9,999 days
  • Bulk Packed: 50 pcs/tray, 1,000 pcs per carton, gross weight 14.6kgs, CUFT 2.58'
  • LCD display format switch automatically mm:ss -> hh:mm -> dd:hh -> dddd
  • Adhesive tape on the back normally
  • Magnet on the back is possible upon request.

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  • Digital Clock, Countdown Timer, AC On/Off Programmable Timer, and Thermometer