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Time Switch
Programmable relay timer switch


7-channel Programmable Daily ON/OFF Time Switch Module

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As a professional digital clock, timer, thermometer, and hygrometer supplier, we can also offer customized modules with special control pole, timers with constant period to countdown, meters to measure or indicate lifespan of filter, cartridge, and etc.

VOSCA CORPORATION not only provides competitive prices, excellent quality but also helps customers to solve technical problems, improve quality, reduce extra costs, and assist customers to become more competitive.

This device is a 7-channels daily power on/off time switch , good for industrial application. Its output signal can drive relay On/Off at set time. People use it to control the power source of their devices. Low voltage detector is built-in to consistently checking the backup power and deliver warning mark on display when voltage low is detected.

In addition to Countdown Clock and Countdown Timer, we also provide Clock Module and Timer Module with high quality.
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Data sheet of 40F-273K (209 KB)
  1. Programmable Daily On/Off Time
  2. Low voltage detector
    • Warning mark flashing when supplied voltage below 2.7V
  3. Supply Voltage
    • Backup Power: DC 3V
    • Main Power: DC 3.6 V
  4. Current Consumption: 15 uA
  5. Dimensions: (H x W x D) 55 x 53 x 13 mm
  6. Screen Size: 15 x 35 mm
  7. Digit height: 9 mm
  8. Number of On/Off Setting: 7 settings
  9. Shortest switch time: 1 minute
  10. Minimum Programmable Time Period: 1 minute
  11. Manual Override: Yes
  12. Switching Status Indicator: Yes
  13. Time display: Either AM/PM or 24:00 hr military time
  14. Control Signal
    • Timer ON: High Level 3 V
    • Timer OFF: Low Level 0 V
  15. Connector CN1
    • GND
    • Control
    • 3.6 V
    • GND
    • 3 V (battery)
  • Both 12/24 hour version available
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