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This is a popular 5-function real time clock module, sized as 58 x 40 mm with 9.6 mm thickness (battery holder not included). Display hour:minute, month-date, and second by turn with the pressing of "display" button. Along with "display" button, "set" button is installed at the rear side too.

12-hour regular LCD clock module with UM4 (AAA) battery holder and two tact switches mounted on the backside. The design is clean, simple, and chic. It is not only a clock module for further step of application, but also can be used as a portable real time finish clock to allow you put anywhere you like to show you current time precisely. Furthermore, its digit height is as tall as 19 mm. So people can glance the time easily.

Indeed, it is a cost effective and practical clock or clock module for comprehensive application and use.

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  1. Physical Size
    • PCB Size - 58 x 40 mm
    • Plastic Frame - 58 x 40 mm
    • Thickness - 9.6 mm (battery not included )
    • Thickness including Battery Holder - 20.6 mm
  2. LCD
    • Screen Size - 48 x 22.5 mm
    • Number of Digit - 3 1/2 digits
    • Digit Height - about 19.00 mm
  3. Button: 2 tact s/w on the backside
  4. Electrical Specification
    • Power Source -- +1.50 volts
    • Operating Voltage -- +1.20 ~ + 1.80 volts
    • Current Drain - 2uA typically
    • Operation Temperature - -10 ~ +50 degree C
    • Storage Temperature - -20 ~ +60 degree C
  5. Power Source
    • UM4 (AAA) battery holder mounted on the backside
  • 12-hour version only
  • Regular 5-function clock
  • Display hour-minute, month-date, and second
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