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Switch Module
switch module


module of power ON/OFF time switch

Product Descriptions
Our switch module features its output signal is applied to manipulate a relay to switch On/Off the power of any AC operated device.

Physically it is measured as 55 x 53 mm in height and width. A 43 x 32 mm plastic LCD frame is mounted on the upper portion. 2x slide s/w along with 5x tact switches are positioned at lower portion. 5 pins I/O connection with 1.5 mm pitch is seated at the lower left corner.

A backup battery is used to keep message of real time and setting data. With the incorporation of low voltage detection circuit, a blinking broken battery sign at the upper left corner of LCD display is appeared to warn user the voltage of backup battery is lower than 2.7 volts.

The time switch module is good to built-in a home appliance, machine, or any equipment as a power switch to turn their AC power source on or off in daily base.

As an industry leader of switch module and clock module, we offer quality time switch module and timer switch. We also design and manufacture new models / products according to buyer's request. Your any requirement is welcome.
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data sheet of 40F-2705 (167 KB)
operation manual of 40F-2705 (177 KB)
  1. Power Source
    • Main Power - DC 3.60 volts, converted from AC normally
    • Backup Power - battery, DC 3.00 volts
  2. Output Control Signal
    • Timer ON - DC +3.60 volts
    • Timer Off - 0 volt
  3. Minimum Setting
    • 1 minute
  4. I/O Connection
    • GND
    • Output (control) signal
    • Main power DC 3.60 volts input
    • GND
    • Backup power (battery) dc3.00 input
  • Both 12/24 hour version available