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Daily Power On/Off Time Switch Module

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This is a daily On/Off time switch module in compact size. It is measured of 34 x 22 mm as width and height, and 8 mm as thickness. It is good to installed in a electrically powered device, such as electric fan, coffee maker, rice cooker, motor, to manipulate the "on" or "off " of their power source.

The switch module is metal framed with 14 connection pins with 2 mm pitched. Good to solder mounted on main assembled PCB. To keep the setting data properly a 3.0 volts backup battery is suggested to apply. Pin # 10 is assigned for the external connection of low voltage detection circuit for backup battery.

As well as setting the daily "on" and "off" time, it is possible to set the "on" and "off" time interval in constancy and act as a cycling model, or cycling timer.

In additional to the above two modes, regular daily time On/Off, and cycling, to set the timer as a combination of the two modes is allowable. Please refer to the attached illustration drawing to see the time chart.

VOSCA produces time switch module for any locations and a variety of industries around the world.
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KS1500AM mudule specification (388 KB)
  1. Physical Size:
    • Metal Frame: 34 x 22 mm
    • Thickness: 8 mm (connector not included)
  2. LCD Display
    • Screen Size: 27 x 13 mm
    • Number of Digit: 4 digits
    • Digit Height: about 4.5 mm
  3. Power Source:
    • Main Power – 3.6 VDC, converted from AC normally
    • Back Up Power – Battery, 3.0 VDC
  4. Low Power Detector (added externally): Warning mark (broken battery) flashing when backup voltage below 2.70 VDC
  5. Output Control Signal:
    • Timer ON : + 3.60 VDC
    • Timer OFF : 0 VDC
  6. Operation Temperature: -10 ~ +50 °C
  7. Storage Temperature: -20 ~ +60 °C
  • Programmable Daily Power ON/OFF Switch
  • Programmable Cycling ON/OFF Switch, from 1 minute to 23 hours 59 minutes
  • Combination of daily and cycling ON/OFF switch