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Product Lines
module of lifespan meter or indicator


module of lifespan meter or indicator

Product Descriptions
This is a module of lifespan meter or indicator. The counting range is from 0 up to 9999 days. The settable feature allow you apply it as a day countdown timer too. The minimum setting interval is 1 day. Because of the count up feature is included, it can be used as a chronometer.

It can be applied to:
- measure or indicate lifespan of any long-lasting or valuable parts or devices, such as filter, cartridge, battery, lamp, ... etc.,
- make lifetime testing in laboratory or workshop
Welcome customer made for special measuring conditions.

As people know the most important feature for a timer is continuously reminding user that the set time is up. But it wastes too much power, especially for battery operated device. Therefore it becomes difficult to make. Under our R/D team’s effort, we designed a special program called PSA (power saving alert) to make this feature realistic. This unique feature is available upon request. Normally the module provides one minute alert.
  1. Physical Size:
    • Plastic Frame - 35 x 18.4 mm
    • Module Thickness - 4.3 mm without battery;10.1 mm including battery
  2. LCD
    • Screen - 20 x 10.92 mm
    • Number of Digit - 4 Digits
    • Digit Height - 7.0 mm
    • Screen format automatically changed to the most appropriate one
  3. Button: 4 keys, up/down/start-stop/reset
  4. Electrical Specification:
    • Power Source - 1.50 volts, 1 pc of LR44 or external connection
    • Operating Voltage - +1.20 ~ + 1.70 volts
    • Current Drain - 3μA typically
    • Operation Temperature - -10 ~ +50 ℃
    • Storage Temperature - -20 ~ +60 ℃
  5. Options of Alert Methods
    • One minute 4K Hzs audible alert normally
    • PSA (power saving alert) alert upon request
  6. Output Pole: Open collector, upon request
Available Versions for Maximum Capacity:
  • 20T-1A0M-MM: 9999 minutes
  • 20T-1A0M-HH: 9999 hours
  • 20T-1A0M-DD: 9999 days

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