Day Timer Module

This is an adjustable day timer module with keys. 1.50 VDC operated 4 digits, with 16 mm digit height, 9999 days capacity time counter. This countdown timer module includes four buttons. The far left button acts as start, stop, clear, and recall. The next two are the up and down settings. The last one is reset button. Six output poles are designed to provide user comprehensive applications, such as power on/off control of electrical device, security device control, automatically alarm system activation. Many other versions are available. Please refer to the last paragraph for Versions List. UM4 battery holder mounted on the rear side.

As people know the most important feature of a timer is constantly reminding user that the set time is up, especially counting for long term period. People may disregard the case. But audible alarm wastes too much power. To continually keeping piezo buzzer goes off, the battery power should be exhausted for just few minutes. In order to make this feature comes realistic, our R/D developed a new program called PSEA (power saving endless alert) for the alarm. This model is equipped with this PSEA feature as a standard. However, if people prefer to has traditional one minute alert, it can be down too.

Further to the PSEA alert, like mentioned above, the timer provides another method of endless alert, called visual endless alert, i.e., when counting expired, as well as audible alert, the full LCD becomes blinking. So this timer provides dual alert, audible and visual.

The display resolution is dynamically changed, from 1 day down to 1 second depending upon the counting stage. Due to the limitation of 4 digits LCD screen, with constant resolution the display cannot show the counting details after counting down to 100 days. Usually most of the product available in market, the display shows day reading only. User cannot see the hour reading. But this timer provides the solution. It changes the display format dynamically from DDDD to DD:HH, DD:HH to HH:MM, and then from HH:MM to MM:SS.

Furthermore, the "count up" feature is added as a standard to provide user to know how long the time is expired. With this feature, user can use the timer as a chronometer too. It can count up from 0 to 9999 days. Indeed it is an ideal instrument to measure long term activities, or lifespan.
  1. Capacity: 9999 days
  2. Resolution: dynamic ( display automatically changed to an appropriate formate)
  3. Setting Interval: 1 day (minimum)
  4. Pysical Size:
    • PCB Size: 70 x 51.2 mm
    • Plastic Frame: 58 x 40 mm
    • Thickness: 7 mm (battery not included )
  5. LCD Display
    • Screen Size: 49.3 x 22.3 mm
    • Number of Digit: 4 digits
    • Digit Height: about 16.00 mm
  6. Button: tact s/w, 3 to 4 keys, on the front
  7. Power Source: +1.5VDC, use one piece of UM4 (AAA); battery holder mounted on the rear side of PCB but battery not included
  8. Technical Data:
    • Operating Voltage: +1.20 ~ + 1.70 volts
    • Typical Current Drain: 3 μA in normal condition; 400 μA at alarm mode
    • Operation Temperature: -10 ~ +50 °C
    • Storage Temperature: -20 ~ +60 °C
    • Audible Alert Methods:
      1. Regular audible alert for 1 minute at 4 K Hz
      2. Power Saving Endless Alert circuit (called PSEA circuit), beep 6 times then wait for 10 seconds and repeat again; never stop unless the “Stop” key depressed
    • Output Poles:
      1. B1 Pole - Repeat 0.5 sec on and 2.5 sec off for 6-time then wait for 10 sec and repeat again; never stop until stop button depressed
      2. B2 Pole - After countdown to zero, repeat 1 sec ON and 1 sec OFF for one minute
      3. B3 Pole - Level, 1.5 VDC for 1 minute after timer countdown to zero
      4. Light Pole - Level, 1.5 VDC, when timer starts to counting; then turn to 0 VDC when counts down to zero (for non-count up version only)
Version List:
Model No. Maximum Capacity Resolution Minimum Setting Interval
50T-A0H-MS 99 min 59 sec 1 sec 1 sec
50T-A0H-HM 99 hr 59 min dynamic change, from 1 min to 1 sec 1 min
50T-A0H-DH 99 days 23 hours dynamic change, from 1 hr to 1 sec 1 hour
50T-A0M-MM 9999 minutes dynamic change, from 1 min to 1 sec 1 minute
50T-A0M-HH 9999 hours dynamic change, from 1 hr to 1 sec 1 hour
50T-A0M-DD 9999 days dynamic change, from 1 day to 1 sec 1 day
Other Applications
  • Digital Clock
  • Countdown Timer
  • AC On/Off Programmable Timer
  • Thermometer
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