99 days 23 hours timer, stick-on anywhrer

As a professional digital clock, timer, thermometer, and hygrometer supplier, we can also offer customized modules with special control pole, timers with constant period to countdown, meters to measure or indicate lifespan of filter, cartridge, and etc.

VOSCA integrates her experiences and innovative assembly to deliver market-leading digital timepieces products, from product assembly through enclosures to testing and packaging.

This is a day and hour timer. It is possible to adjust day and hour as you wish and countdown to remind you important event to be happened within 100 days. The maximum capacity is 99 days and 23 hours, with 1 second resolution after countdown to 1 hour.

The display format is designed to automatically convert from DD-HH to HH-MM after countdown to 1 day, then convert to MM-SS after countdown to 1 hour.

Adhesive backing sticks to almost any surface.
Upon request, magnet on the back to be able to stick on refrigerator or iron plate.

Emphasized audible alarm sound to be able to hear from 10 meters distance.
Many kinds of various versions available for different applications.

Model List:
TR810MS - 99 mintes 59 seconds
TR810HM - 99 hours 59 minutes
TR810DH - 99 days 23 hours
More versions upon request
  1. Specifications:
    • Power source: 1 pc of LR44 (included)
    • Diameter: 40 mm
    • Thickness: 17 mm
  2. Features:
    • Double sided adhesive on back normally
    • Magnet built-in the back cover is possible upon request
    • Alarm
    • Recall previous setting
  3. Special features acceptable
    • Please forward your specification in deails

Model No. Max Setting Capacity Min Setting Increment
TR810-MS 99 Minutes 59 Seconds 1 second
TR810-HM 99 Hours 59 Minutes 1 minute
TR810-DH 99 Days 23 Hours 1 hour
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