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Minute Regular Event Reminder

Product Descriptions
Minute regular event reminder
This is a timer for minute reminders. The interval can be adjusted in minutes. Suitable for short-term reminders: cooking, treatment, sports, spa, learning, meetings, laundry. It can even be used to remind games that require time-limited requests, such as playing chess or playing cards. Any periodic interval can be adjusted depending on the application of the reminder.

When the set cycle count reaches zero, in addition to the alarm ringtone, the LCD screen will continue to flash to remind the user that the countdown minute has arrived, which requires preparation in advance. When the event is complete, press the button to stop the alarm and the LCD screen will return to normal display and stop counting down. At this point, press the button again and the LCD screen will return to zero. Press the button again and the LCD screen will immediately return to the previous settings. At this point, the user presses the button again and the device will continue to the next countdown. The product size is 90.5 x 55.5 x 6.1 mm. Suitable for carrying pockets for personal use.

Application tips:
In addition to selling gaming equipment, manufacturers are advised to give or sell this product to the buyer. They can even preset periods that require time limits. If necessary, we can help with the presets during the production process.
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CT200M instruction manual (81 KB)
  • Physical Size: 90.5 x 55.5 x 6.1mm
  • LCD Screen Size: 40 x 18mm
  • Power Source: 3.0 volts, 1 x Lithium CR2025, included
  • Button: 3, start/stop, upward adjustment, and downward adjustment
  • Alert method when time’s up
    • ---- Endless Visual Alert: Full LCD display blinking always
    • ---- Audible Alert: PSEA (Power Saving Endless Alert) alarm, with significant power saving during audible alarm; beep 6 times then wait for 10 seconds and repeat again.
  1. Minute regular interval can be adjustable by minute only
  2. Max setting capacity - 9999 minutes
  3. Display format automatically change:
    • countdown from mmmm --> mm:ss
    • then count up from mm:ss --> mmmm
  4. Double sided adhesive tape included normally to allow user stick the timer anywhere you like to put. If required, instead of adhesive tape, rubber magnet can be provided too.
  5. It is possible to fix the setting to a certain period of hour interval for special application. Please provide the details.
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