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4X series – DIY LCD Alarm Clock Module with Manipulate Wire
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4XC-A0JZ, 24-hour LCD alarm clock module


Externally Connected 4-Digit LCD Multi-Daily Alarm Clock Module with Power Supply and Buttons

Product Descriptions
This is a four-digit newly designed LCD multi-daily alarm clock module with digit height of 10.7mm. The external buttons, power contacts, audio output, and more output pads are located on both sides of the PCB. Low power consumption, less than 3µA. Working voltage + 1.5V, ordinary dry batteries can be used. The size including PCB is 55 x 32mm. The radius of the four mounting holes on the PCB is 1.15mm, and the total thickness of the module is 7mm. Both 12-hour and 24-hour versions are available.

The device provides 4 alarms per day. It will output a 4Hz alarm signal through the only audio output terminal to remind you of daily medication or any other daily activities. There are also four output terminals. When the alarm time is up, the corresponding signal will be transmitted through relevant output terminals, or all four signals can be transmitted through a single output terminal. Users can use these four output terminals for other applications. For details, see the following specifications.

The physical size is easy to install in most electronic devices. Low power consumption and reduced time deviation are the two main reasons why this clock module is well received by the industry and consumers.
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Data Sheet of 4XC(E)-A0JZ (174 KB)
  • Physical Size
    • PCB Size: 55 x 32 mm
    • Plastic Frame: 43 x 32 mm
    • Thickness: 7 mm (excluding battery)
  • LCD Display
    • Screen Size: 35 x 15.5 mm
    • Number of Digit - 4 digits
    • Digit Height: about 10.7 mm
  • Button: External connection, 3 keys (pads on both sides of PCB)
  • Power Source: +1.5VDC, external connection; (pads on both sides of PCB)
  • Audible Alert Method
    • 1. 4K Hz beep for 1 minute (as default)
    • 2. Endless Alarm (by request): beep three time, then wait for 1 minute and repeat again
  • Technical Data
    • Operating Voltage: +1.20 ~ + 1.70 volts
    • Typical Current Drain: 3μA; 400μA when alarm activated
    • Operation Temperature: -10 ~ +50 °C
    • Storage Temperature: -20 ~ +60 °C
  • Two types of Output Poles: upon request
    • 1. Individual Output (default) – each alarm channel has its related pole. The signal can be either 3 seconds level high, or 1.5V for 1 minute
    • Typical Current Drain: 3μA; 400μA when alarm activated
    • 2. Single Output – all channels share the same pole; each pole delivers various pulse as: AL1 1 sec, AL2 2 sec, AL3 4 sec, and AL4 8 sec
  • Display hours, minutes, and necessary symbols
  • Provide 12-hour and 24-hour versions
  • Up to 4 channel daily alarms