Periodic Reminder - Day

We provide superior day countdown timer, perfect for professional countdown needs.

Please check details about long range, day interval fixed countdown timer; it is good to constantly reminding the change of filter, UV lamp, cartridge, car oil, or execution of plant fertilization, maintenance of any durable equipment or devices. Even good to reminding personal routing activities by day, such as medical examination or treatment, body treatment, training course. The available intervals are 365 days, 300 days, 180 days, 90 days, 60 days, monthly, weekly, daily, or even more. Please ask if the repeat timer you intend to have is not in the list.

The key operation is quite simple. For single key version, just press the key to system reset the timer to pre-programmed day interval and start countdown without any further press of key. For dual-key version, press the left key to start or stop counting, and press the right key to set back to the pre-programmed day interval.

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