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Founded in 1978, VOSCA Corporation has earned our quality reputation from years of providing effective and durable hygrometer module to our customers. Our company has been specializing in hygrometer module for many years. The hygrometer module is made of durable material, ensuring extra comfort. We believe that our Thermometer Module and Hygrometer Module have very great potential for this type of development. For more details on humidity detection module or hygrothermograph module, please feel free to contact with us.
LCD thermometer module, 20W-T31AC

20W-T31AC (°C), 20W-T31AF (°F)

LCD miniature thermometer module

This is a mini-LCD thermometer module powered by a piece of LR44 battery. The dimensions are 35 mm wide and 18.40 mm high. The thickness is 3.5 mm (without batterie). Built-in LVD (low voltage detection circuit) to maintain accurate temperature measurement.

It is suitable for installation on any household appliances that require ambient temperature. Provide ℃ and °F versions. To save power, a button allows the user to turn the power on/off.
Specifications :

  1. Physical Size:
    • Frame Size - 35 x 18.4 mm
    • Thickness - 3.5 mm (battery not included)
  2. LCD
    • Screen Size - 20.00 x 10.92 mm
    • Number °F Digit: 4 digits
    • Digit Height: about 7.00 mm
  3. Measurement Range: -50°C (-58°F) ~ +70°C (+158°F)
  4. If temperature ≧ 70°C (158°F), then LCD display H °C (or H °F)
  5. If temperature <-50°C (-58°F), then LCD display L °C ( or L °F)
  6. Accuracy: ±1°C (±2°F)
  7. Resolution:
    • > -20°C (°F), 0.1°C (°F), example: -19.9°C
    • < -20°C (°F), 1°C (°F), example: -20°C
  8. Electrical Specification:
    • Power Source - 1.50 volts; 1 pc °F LR44, included
    • Low Voltage Alert - Full display blinking when battery power less than 1.20VDC
    • Operating Voltage - +1.30 ~ + 1.65 volts
    • Sampling time 10 seconds
    • Current Drain - standby 7µA, sampling 35µA

Features :

  • Model No. for Celsius: 20W-T31AC
  • Model No. for Fahrenheit: 20W-T31AF

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All of the LCD miniature thermometer module offered is the most common styles used in electrical applications today. Therefore, all of these types of hygrometer modules are designed to be used in various applications. VOSCA Corporation has changed a lot in industrial and domestic requirements and has adapted to fulfill the needs of every client. Thank you for the opportunity to fulfill your 50H-701S, hygrometer module needs. We appreciate your business!