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in-outdoor thermometer & clock manufacturer

VOSCA Corporation is a professional thermometer manufacturer. VOSCA Corporation intends to be the dominant supplier of digital thermometer in our market areas by offering our retail customers, professional installers, and jobbers the best combination of price and quality provided with the highest possible service level. We are the thermometer manufacturer in Taiwan. If you are interested in our special design thermometer, welcome contact with us. We thank you for your time.
TM500 in/out door thermometer clock


in/out door thermometer clock

As a specialist supplier of digital clocks, timers, and thermometers, we can also provide customized modules with special output leads for controlling power switches, constant countdown timers, reminders to measure or indicate filter life, etc.

This is the ideal promotional item right now. An imprint area of over 8 x 7 mm is available for printing your logo or advertising slogan. It can be mounted on the wall or placed on a table.
After setting the current time and selecting Fo or Co as needed, it will display the current time and indoor temperature in turn.

Ideal as a corporate promotional gift.

TM500: In-Out Door Thermometer & Clock
TM510: In Door Thermometer & Clock
Specifications :

‧Power source: 1 pc of UM4 (not included)
‧Dimensions:120 x 90 x 19.5 mm
‧Packed in a gift box per pc, 120 pcs per carton, CUFT 2.23'

Features :

  1. In/out door thermometer with clock
  2. LCD digit height: 14 mm
  3. Measuring Range : -50°C ~+70°C(-58°F~+158°F)
  4. Resolution:
    • > -20°C(°F), 0.1°C(°F)
    • <= -20°C(°F), 1°C(°C)
  5. Accurary: +-1°C(0°C~40°C), +-2°C(others)
  6. Updating Time: 10 seconds

Main Products :

Digital Clock, Countdown Timer, AC On/Off Programmable Timer, and Thermometer

VOSCA Corporation is specialized in manufacturing Digital Clock, Clock Module and Cartridge Life Meter for many years.
We have greatest experience and technique in manufacturing any kind of in/out door thermometer clock, Digital Thermometer/ Hygrometer, Clock Module, Timer Module, Watch Pen, and etc.

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VOSCA Corporation is one of Taiwan's most reputable thermometer manufacturer. For the production of our digital thermometer, we use high-quality raw materials. We also customize these products in various dimensions based on the client's specifications and details. Providing the end user with a high-quality special design thermometer. We have always been dedicated to reaching new heights in innovation, leadership, and customer satisfaction. Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for a reliable thermometer manufacturer.