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Hygrometer Module

Let VOSCA Corporation be your source of hygrometer module. As costumers often need a full set of hygrometer module, we make it easier for them by giving them a better price when they choose to buy more. Our products are widely in demand among the clients due to their features such as sturdy construction, durability, and longer service life. With the help of our professionals, we offer these products in various, as per the varied requirements of our valuable clients. If you need any assistance in selecting your digital hygrometer module or LCD hygrometer, don't hesitate to phone, fax, or e-mail us.
  • Power Source: 1.5V
  • LCD screen size: 49.0 x 21.9 mm
  • Frame Size: 58 x 40 x 6 mm
  • Physical size 70 x 51.2 x 7.0 mm (battery holder not included)
  • UM4 (AAA) battery holder is mounted at rear side
  • Sampling Time: 10 second
  • Measuring Range: 20% ~ 99% RH at 0 ~ 50°C
  • Length of Sensor: 17 cm


LCD digital hygrometer module

This is LCD digital hygrometer module powered with a piece of UM4 (AAA) battery. The physical size is measured as 70 x 51.2 mm. LCD panel is covered by a 58 x 40 mm plastic frame. An UM4 battery holder is mounted on the rear side of PCB.

A specific humidity sensor is picked specially to provide measuring range: 20% ~ 99% at temperature range 0~50°C. The sampling time is 10 seconds. The LCD digit height is sized as 16 mm.

The LCD digit height is 16 mm.

This hygrometer module is suitable for applications in climate-related products, which require accurate environmental humidity information.
VOSCA Corporation has provided more than hygrometer module, helping our customers fulfill their orders with accuracy and on-time delivery. If you need any help in choosing the right hygrometer module to match your requirements, we are happy to create a free, detailed system specification and quote tailored to your requirements. Thank you for your time and business, if you have any questions or needs about digital hygrometer module and LCD hygrometer, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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