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We are a professional manufacturer of various kinds of clock, timer, programmable timer, chronometer, thermometer, hygrometer, and calculator in Taiwan. With more than 30 years experience in the field, - We have numerous products ready for your choice. - We know how to design product according to your cost target. - We know how to follow your specifications to make your product exactly. - We will try hard to serve you with full satisfaction. we dedicated in the Design and Manufacture of: TIMER–Comprehensive versions for various applications. CLOCK–Various output modes for different application. TARGET DAY COUNTDOWN CLOCK. CHRONOMETER–Lifespan meter or other applications. THERMOMETER. HYGROMETER. CALCULATOR - Customer Made. Welcome OEM/ODM Project

Lifetime Reminder Supplier with Best Quality

VOSCA Corporation is a professional manufacturer of lifetime reminder, specializing in providing reminder clock and repeating timer with superior quality. The biggest advantages of lifetime reminder in demanding conditions are reliable performance, long maintenance intervals and a service-friendly design. No matter you are looking for manufacturer for lifetime reminder or new manufacturer for reminder clock, we are willing to serve. Please feel free to contact us.
VOSCA Corporation is a leading manufacturer of lifetime reminder in Taiwan. We provide lifespan indicator, lifespan reminder, lifespan meter and dual alert daily lifespan meter, of good quality and competitive price. We are best choice to count the lifetime of water and air filter, cartridge, UV lamp or any lifetime concern product.

We believe that our lifetime reminder has very great potential for this type of development. If you have any questions, want to buy in bulk, or have us give you a quote for a lifetime reminder, reminder clock, loop countdown and repeating timer to fit your needs, please email to us.


lifespan reminder

This lifespan reminder is a pre-programmed countdown timer. Designed particularly for the counting of any lifetime concern product or element. We are able to help client to pre-program a certain lifetime reminder as the so called maker's promised lifetime.

The reminder clock is covered by a see-thru plastic case, sized as 70 x 16 x 11 mm. Pull off the installed PVC tab at the side to activate the timer to start counting down from the pre-programmed lifespan. When the lifespan counting down to zero, the LED lamp becomes blinking constantly to remind user that the replacement of new filter, or new element is required in order to keep product running normally.

The lifetime reminder is weighted as 10 gms only, therefore it is possible to stick it on any convenient spot to remind user. As part of our commitment to provide the highest quality parts, VOSCA’s designers and Production Team will work closely with you to understand your needs and prevent errors before they occur.


Lifetime Expired Reminder

After long term counting, some people do not like to hear noisy alarm especially in a peaceful and quite atmosphere. Therefore VOSCA developed the reminder with LED blinking as an alert mean. When counting expired, the high intensity LED lamp blinking once every second for 6 times and keep quiet for 10 seconds, and then repeat the same blinking cycle forever until the battery power exhausted.

This round shape LED blinking reminder, measured 40 mm diameter and 14 mm thickness, with adhesive tape on the back cover providing user to stick it on anywhere needed conveniently. Powered with 2 pieces of LR44 button cell, and isolated by a PVC tab before use. People just peel off the tab to activate the timer to start countdown from certain pre-programed time, available in 365 days, 300 days, 180 days, 90 days, 60 days, 30 days, or more for various application.

When countdown expired, as well as LED blinking, the full LCD display blinking too. The LCD display automatically changes to appropriate format during counting down: DD:HH --> HH:MM --> MM:SS. 1 second is the minimum resolution when countdown under one minute.

This reminder is designed to reminding people that the lifespan of UV lamp, water filter, or air filter is expired and new one should be replaced. It is also good to remind personal body treatment, piano annual tuning, healthy checking, oil change, machine or car routing inspection, equipment maintenance, and, ... etc..


Lifespan Indicator

VOSCA CORPORATION not only provides competitive prices, excellent quality but also helps customers to solve technical problems, improve quality, reduce extra costs, and assist customers to become more competitive.

As a professional digital clock, timer, thermometer, and hygrometer supplier, we can also offer customized modules with special control pole, timers with constant period to countdown, meters to measure or indicate lifespan of filter, cartridge, and etc.

This lifespan indicator helps you measure any long-lasting parts or devices, which lifetime is an essential factor to the performance. The measurement range is from 0 minute 0 second up to 9,999 days.

Automatically LCD screen proper switching format in different counting stage:

mm:ss -> hh:mm -> dd:hh -> dddd

Put the timer wherever you want it.
Adhesive backing sticks to almost any surface.

It is a lifespan reminder. With this people can know when the lifetime of the concerned parts or devices is expired and take action to replace a new one in time to avoid any malfunction happen. Such products like cartridge, filter, lamp, UV filter, are the examples. When the lifetime expired their performance gets down sharply without replace new one. It is good also for lab to measure duration for long term test.

Welcome OEM/ODM project. Our experienced engineering team is capable to help clients design and build the product according to their special application.


module of lifespan meter or indicator

This is a module of lifespan meter or indicator. The counting range is from 0 up to 9999 days. The settable feature allow you apply it as a day countdown timer too. The minimum setting interval is 1 day. Because of the count up feature is included, it can be used as a chronometer.

It can be applied to:
- measure or indicate lifespan of any long-lasting or valuable parts or devices, such as filter, cartridge, battery, lamp, ... etc.,
- make lifetime testing in laboratory or workshop
Welcome customer made for special measuring conditions.

As people know the most important feature for a timer is continuously reminding user that the set time is up. But it wastes too much power, especially for battery operated device. Therefore it becomes difficult to make. Under our R/D team’s effort, we designed a special program called PSA (power saving alert) to make this feature realistic. This unique feature is available upon request. Normally the module provides one minute alert.


Dual Alert Daily Lifespan Meter and Countdown Timer - 9999D

We also design and manufacture new models / products according to buyer's request.
Your any requirement is welcome.

VOSCA CORPORATION not only provides competitive prices, excellent quality but also helps customers to solve technical problems, improve quality, reduce extra costs, and assist customers to become more competitive.

This is a dual alert daily lifespan meter and countdown timer with 9999 days maximum setting capacity. The product is equipped with both audible and visual alerts. The audible alert is a piezo alarm. when time expired, it beeps 6 times and wait for 10 seconds and repeat again. Never stop unless the "stop" is depressed. There are two methods of visual alert. One is full LCD screen blinking endlessly. The other is LED blinking 6 times then wait for 10 seconds and repeat again. Never stop unless the "stop" button is depressed.

Powered with 2 pieces of popular UM4 (AAA) battery with physical size as 69 x 49 x 15 mm. The alert selection s/w is at back side. Intensified magnet is hidden on the back clip, providing a clean flat surface for better mounting on iron plate. People may use it to measure the lifespan of any lifetime concerned product, such as water/air filter, cartridge, special purpose lamp, UV lamp. The PSA alert method provides permanent alert with good power saving. Count up feature can be used to measure lifetime up to 9999 days.

It is very good to be used at office, hospital, classroom, laboratory, or any place where the noise allowance is limited or strictly restricted. Also good to for DEAF person!

We can manufacture Lifespan Meter that meets specific technical requirements.


target day countdown clock

We also design and manufacture new models / products according to buyer's request.
Your any requirement is welcome.

VOSCA is a professional manufacturer offering Digital Clock/Timer and Modules. Our capabilities include IC Programming, Plastic Housing Design/Molding/Injection, PCB Layout, PCB Assembly, SMT Assembly, DIP Assembly, and Final Assembly with an extensive knowledge and latest technology.

This is a target day countdown clock. It is an ideal timely gift for family, friends, and business associates.

Good for special event countdown, such as retirement, Christmas, birthday, anniversary, graduation, prom, wedding, vacation, and many more...

With the long range counting down and up capacity, it is also good to measure the lifespan of filter, cartridge, battery, UV lamp, etc., the maximum measuring capacity is 2999 days.

Good for stick-on on wall or seat on desk

As a leading manufacturer of Countdown Clock, we provide superior Target Day Countdown Clock, Pregnancy Countdown Clock, Lifespan Meter, Lifetime Meter, and Lifetime Indicator.
These products are manufactured using the finest quality raw material in accordance with the set industry standards. Manufactured with finest materials, lifetime reminder ensures you durability and quality. At VOSCA Corporation, we strive to ensure our reminder clock, loop countdown and repeating timer is quality made to the highest industry standards. All of our lifetime reminders is inspected by Quality Control Engineers first.