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Do you know why most of the battery operated device cannot allow its alarm function goes off too long? Because the aural alarm consumes too much power. In order to keep long run of battery life, the alarm duration is 1 minute or even shorter normally. But it is not long enough to warning people the time is up, particularly for long range countdown. People are impossible to stay near by the timer to waiting for alert. Sometimes he takes tea break or engaged with some other matters.

Our PSA alert system, the power saving alert system, can reduce power consumption significantly. This brings our engineering the possibility of designing the endless aural alarm system.

Most of our alarm devices provide the option of PSA endless alert. If you need it, please request.
In order to keep user full aware of current counting status, we developed an automatically switching display system to shows current counting status properly. Take 9999 days (9999D) countdown version for example. At the beginning the display shows 9998 days (9998D) with downward arrow flashing right after start button depressed. Go through with counting down right after 100 days, the display switches to 99 days 23 hours (99D23H). Then continue counting down. Right after 1 day 00 hour (1D00H), the display switches to 23 hours 59 minutes (23H59M). Then go through with counting down right after 1 hour 0 minute (1H00M), the display switches to 59 minutes 59 seconds (59M59S).
9999D  
9998D…  100D  99D23H …  1D00H  23H59M … 1H00M  59M59S …  00M00S
Yes, we have several models, from simply 4 digits stick-on type to more sophisticated 12 digits desktop type. Recently we developed a credit card type too.
Yes, of course. You may reset the event day at any time you want. Just like the way you set for daily alarm for normal alarm clock.
Yes, we have. We have many kinds of timer, which may measure the lifespan of water or air filter, UV lamp. Any special purpose timer is welcome too.
We have two reasons to include visual alert in our timer.
  1. In some cases, the environment is noisy people cannot hear the aural alert when time up. Therefore he needs lamp blinking to warning him.
  2. During special occasions, noisy is strictly prohibited, such as at meeting, in hospital, the visual alert is much practical for the user.
To allow user realizes how long the time elapsed after countdown time expired.
Yes, we have several models with different sizes. The module has options for different output signals, such as level high, or pulse in different time intervals.