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9999 Minutes Continuous Alarm Timer – Dual Visual and Audible Warning
Transparent amber case with high-strength magnet (Neodymium Iron Boron, Nd-Fe-B) hidden in ...
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TR810MS, TR810HM, TR810DH

Stick-on Countdown Timer of Minute & Second, Hour & Minute, or Day & Hour
These three models have two adjustment buttons and a start/stop button. After the set coun ...
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Watch Pen
VOSCA is specialized in Digital Clock/Timer more than 30 years.
Our main products include ...
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7-channel Programmable Daily ON/OFF Time Switch Module
This device is good for industrial application. Its output signal can drive relay to switch On/Off at set time. People use it to control the power source of their devices.


miniature clock module
It is an ideal clock module to be installed in small products where time information is im ...

20C-A0J (12h), 20E-A0J(24h)

miniature clock module
VOSCA CORPORATION not only provides competitive prices and excellent quality, but also can ...


LCD Alarm Clock Module with LED Backlight in Blue Color
LCD alarm clock module, 12 hr (24 hour version available also), one daily alarm (four alarms available also), with blue color LED backlit.
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Special Event Countdown Clock
It is an ideal time counter. Good for special event countdown, such as Olympic game countdown, retirement countdown, Christmas countdown, new year eve countdown, birthday countdown, anniversary day countdown, graduation day countdown, wedding day countdown, vacation day countdown, and many more...