Anywhere Stick-On Reminder

This series of products includes: a circle with a diameter of 4 cm and a thickness of 1.4 to 1.7 cm; and a rectangle with a width of 90.5 cm, a height of 55.5 cm, and a thickness of 6.1 cm. You can choose to stick double-sided tape or magnets on the back, so you can stick it on the wall, the surface of the kitchen cabinet, the refrigerator, the bookshelf, or wherever you need it. It is economical and convenient.

If the current product is not suitable for your application, we are happy to tailor it for you in terms of function and shape. Welcome to provide relevant specifications and required quantities at any time and let our engineering team evaluate and provide solutions for you.
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Stick-on Event and Activity Reminder
This event and activity reminder, in addition to be a real-time clock, is mainly for you t ...

MC810, MC820

Stick-on Event or Activity Countdown Clock
This event and activity reminder, in addition to providing real-time information, is mainl ...


Stick-on Daily Multi-Reminder
This is a sticky daily reminder with a clock. Users can set up to 4 reminders per day. Con ...

TM800C, TM800F, TM800X

Stick-on Thermo-Clock
This is a sticky thermometer clock. Except for time information, the room temperature is u ...


Adjustable Countdown Timer
At VOSCA Corporation, we're not just makers of timepieces; we're creators of moments. With ...
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TR810MS, TR810HM, TR810DH

Stick-on Countdown Timer of Minute & Second, Hour & Minute, or Day & Hour
These three models have two adjustment buttons and a start/stop button. After the set coun ...
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Stick-on Light Flashing Reminder, 180 Days
This is a flashing reminder. The countdown interval is preset at 180 days. When the countd ...


Stick-on Daily Multi-Alarm Clock
This is a sticky clock with daily multi-alarm clock. Users can set up to 4 alarms per day. ...