Anywhere Stick-On Reminder

The application of this adhesive product series covers a wide range of applications, including alarm clocks, thermometer clocks, countdown timers, event, or activity reminders, etc.

Countdown timers are divided into fixed period reminders and adjustable reminders:
Fixed period reminders include:
  1. In daily units, there are annual reminders (365 days), semi-annual reminders of 180 days, one-third annual reminders of 120 days, quarterly reminders of 90 days, bimonthly reminders of 60 days, single-month reminders of 30 days, and four-week reminders of 28 days. day, three-week reminder, 21 days...etc.
  2. In units of hours or minutes, there are 5000 hours, 2500 hours, 1000 hours, 500 hours...etc., and 60 minutes, 30 minutes, 20 minutes...etc.
    Adjustable reminders include adjustable minutes and seconds, hours and minutes, days and hours, minutes, hours, or days.
Countdown reminder methods can be selected from the following:
  1. The screen continues to flash until the stop button is pressed (applicable to all models of this series)
  2. The alarm will continue to sound unless the stop button is pressed.
  3. After the alarm sounds six times, it stops for ten seconds, then sounds six times, then stops for ten seconds, then sounds again, and so on until the stop button is pressed.
  4. The alarm clock sounds for one minute
  5. The LED light will continue to flash unless the stop button is pressed.
  6. The LED light flashes six times, then pauses for ten seconds and continues to repeat unless the stop button is pressed.
  7. LED flashes for one minute
The product itself is round, 4 cm in diameter and 1.4 x 1.7 cm thick. Screen size is 1.8 x 0.9 cm.

It has adhesive backing and is suitable for sticking anywhere. You also have the option of attaching magnets to the back so you can easily attach it to kitchen cabinets, refrigerators, bookshelves, or any iron surface.

If the current product is not suitable for your application, we will be happy to customize it for you in terms of functionality and appearance. Please feel free to provide relevant specifications and required quantities so our engineering team can evaluate and provide you with a solution.
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