Periodic Reminder - Minute

VOSCA is a leading minute countdown timer supplier in offering high-quality, affordable minute timer and accessories to professionals and consumers worldwide.

Minute interval fixed reminder is a short range countdown timer. The interval can be fixed from 1 minute up to 9999 minutes. it's good to remind the expire or execution of routing works, such as game playing, job, body treatment, cooking, exercise, study, reading, meeting, or any personal activities.

Our mission, as a worldwide timer countdown alarm supplier, is to make its key technologies available to its final customers at an affordable price, by matching high quality and a competitive offer, technology and flexibility.

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hourly reminder, dual-key
This is an hourly reminder with two keys...


30 minutes reminder, dual-key
Good for 30 minutes reminding of routing works, like routing activity reminder, job reminder, pill reminder, meeting, ... etc..


20 minutes reminder, dual-key
press the other key to set back to the default value, 20 minutes. ..


10 minutes reminder, dual-key
Endless Visual Alert: Full LCD display blinking always...


5 minutes reminder, dual-key
Easy operation, Double sided adhesive backing sticks to almost any surface...


3 minutes reminder, dual-key
one to start or stop countdown, the other to set back to default value, 3 minutes...


2 minutes reminder, dual-key
1 minute audible alert...


1 minutes reminder, dual-key
help you program any time interval for special application...