These are the series of short range minute interval fixed reminder. They are good to remind certain minutes of personal routing activities, like chess playing, cooking, exercise, tooth brushing, …, etc.
TR810T-60M – 60 minutes timer, or hourly timer
TR810T-30M – 30 minutescountdown timer
TR810T-20M – 20 minutescountdown timer
TR810T-10M – 10 minutescountdown timer
TR810T-5M – 5 minutescountdown timer
TR810T-3M – 3 minutescountdown timer
TR810T-2M – 2 minutescountdown timer
TR810T-1M – 1 minutecountdown timer

The Keys


For short interval, only dual-key versions are available. Of course, if you insist, we can make a single key for you. The left key called Start/Stop key. Press it  to start or stop counting. The right key is called SetBack key. Press it to set the reading to the pre-programmed time. Furthermore, the left key can be applied as a clear and recall key too. When one counting cycle is completed, the first press of the key to stop alarm, the second press to clear the reading to zero, the third press to recall the re-set reading, and the fourth press to start countdown again. Therefore single key operation is possible, if intermittent stop of counting is not necessary. 

  To operate it, make sure the timer is at the state of counting stopped. If not, press “Start/Stop” to stop it.  Then press of “SetBack” to reset back to pre-programmed interval, and press “Start/Stop” to start countdown. 

The Methods of Reminding

  This is a Dual-Alert timer, audible & visible.
    1. Audible Alert : beep for 1 minute normally; or upon request, it can be an endless alert, i.e.,  beep 6 times, then wait for 10 seconds and repeat again, never stop, unless the stop key is depressed.

2. Visible Alert : full LCD screen becomes blinking always, never stop, unless the "stop" key is depressed.

Low Power Consumption

  Due to the sucessful manipulation of the power consumption, the device can be used for quite a long time. Take an example, if the audible alert is disabled, the timer can run for more than 5 years continueously without battery replacement. Furthermore, follow the instruction offered, it is possible to replace a fresh battery when battery power is exhausted.

Easy Operation


Just press SetBack key and then Start/Stop key (for TR810T series) to start countdown from pre-programmed interval.

Examples of Using Short-RangeMinuteInterval Fixed Timer

  • Counting time of cooking
  • Counting time of exersice, yoga, spa, practice course
  • Counting time of study, reading, meeting
  • Counting time of laudry
  • Counting time of consulting
  • Counting time of doggie walk
  • Chess or gameplaying

    Other Particular Intervals or Manual Adjustable Intervals

    Indeed, for particular application people may not satisfy the versions available. They may need a particular time interval which is not listed. Then please ask. We welcome your request of any particular interval.

    However, people may like the timer to be flexible to set various time intervals for different kinds of application. We have day adjustable timer, hour adjustabletimer, minute adjustabletimer, day-hour adjustabletimer, hour-minute adjustabletimer, and minute-second adjustable timer for your selection. Please click the following link to refer:

      TR810D – day adjustable, 9999 days
      TR810H – hour adjustable, 9999 hours 
      TR810M – minute adjustable, 9999 minutes
      TR810DH – day and hour adjustable, 99D23H
      TR810HM – hour and minute adjustable, 99H59M
      TR810MS – minute and second adjustable, 99M59S

    OEM & ODM

      We welcome any OEM or ODM project for particulary application. The current models may not fullyfill your idea. We have more than 30 years experiences in the field. To design and build new plastic case mold, program new IC code, design and layout new PCB, and build new LCD format according to  your algorithm and specifications is possibhle.