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Diy digital timer with control lead


DIY timer switch with control lead

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As a countdown timer supplier that accepts various special applications, we can also provide signal output lines for customized modules to control the power switch of electrical appliances. The countdown interval can be set by the user, and the adjustment unit can be seconds, minutes, hours or days. It can also be a time interval preset by the program, that is, a timer with a fixed countdown time, which can be used to remind the regular maintenance of expensive equipment, the replacement of filter elements with a limited service life, or regular activities. .

In this series of countdown timer products, there are two holes at both ends of the case, allowing users to fix them in place with screws.

It has two power input lines and one control signal output line. The power supply voltage is + 1.5V DC. The maximum range that can be set for the countdown is 99 hours and 59 minutes. It is suitable for power control of various electrical appliances or equipment. When the timer starts to count down, it will provide a high potential signal (+1.5V) through the output line. When the count down reaches zero, the potential will drop to (0V).

In addition to this version, there are three versions as follows:

TR140: 9999 minutes
TR150: 99 minutes and 59 seconds
TR180: 9999 hours

If this product needs to be partially modified to suit your application, we are very happy to cooperate with the modification. We can also design and manufacture new models/products of electronic countdown timers according to buyers' requirements. Please feel free to make any requests. Welcome OEM/ODM countdown alarm partners to cooperate.
TR160 series DM (93 KB)
TR160 Application (72 KB)
  • Capacity: 99 hours 59 minutes
  • Minimum Setting Interval: 1 minute
  • Dimensions: 52 x 49 x 17.5 mm
  • Power: DC 1.5V, external connection
  • Resolution: 1 second for all versions (display automatically switched to appropriate format during counting)
  • Buttons: Start/Stop, Hour, and Minute; plus “Reset”
  • Memory of the previous setting
  • Output pole: When the timer starts counting down, its output is "High" until the "Stop" button is pressed to stop counting, or when the timer counts to zero, the output pole becomes "Low". It is suitable for controlling the switch of electrical products.

  • Two screw holes with diameter 3.2 mm at each side of plastic frame, good to mount on any appliance.
  • Memory of the previous setting.
  • Alarm Method:
    Usually within one minute, the alarm process changes from slow to urgent, effectively reminding users that the time is up!

    There are two other options for choice:

    1. ESEA: Energy saving endless alarm, continuous reminder. The alarm sounds every three seconds, six consecutive times, then stops, waits ten seconds, repeats the previous pattern, continues six more times, and then stops for another ten seconds. This continues until the "stop button" is pressed.

    2. Rapid alarm: In order to be effective reminders, the 4K Hz alarm will be sounded continuously, unless the stop button is pressed.
Versions for Choice
Model No.


Display Format

Min. Setting Interval


9999 min


1 min


99 min 59 sec


1 sec


99 hr 59 min


1 min


9999 hr


1 hr

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