With more than 30 years’ experience in the field, we dedicated in the Design and Manufacture

Located in Taiwan, we commenced operations in 1978. As a result of rich experiences and capable of engineering, we offer total solution to our client. We welcome customer specifications. OEM and ODM projects share most of sales. With abundant experience and knowledge of integrating all phases of product development from designing to assembly, covering MCU programming, PCB layout, LCD design, product aspect and interior structure designing and its mold tooling, manufacturing and setup of QC system.

7-channel Programmable Daily On/off Time Switch Module

AC On/Off Programmable Time Switch

This device is a 7-channels daily power on/off time switch , good for industrial application. Its output signal can drive relay On/Off at set time. People use it to control the power source of their devices. Low voltage detector is built-in to consistently checking the backup power and deliver warning mark on display when voltage low is detected.

Dosing Reminder With Pill Box

Electronic Medication Reminder

This is an unique dosing reminder with pill box. The material of box is PP with FDA grade. There are three compartments in the box for pills storage.
Powered with a piece of LR44. Four daily reminders are built-in. The reminding method is audible beeping 3 times then wait for one minute. It never stop unless the confirm button is depressed.

Target Day Countdown Clock

Good for stick-on on wall or seat on desk

The Target Day Countdown Clock is an ideal timely gift for family, friends, and business associates.

Good for special event countdown, such as retirement, Christmas, birthday, anniversary, graduation, prom, wedding, vacation, and many more...

9999 Days Countdown Timer Module with Chronometer

The timer module provides method of endless alert

This is a day and hour countdown timer module, which is .50 VDC operated, 4 digits LCD, and with 16 mm digit height, 99 days 23 hours as maximum capacity timer.

4 Daily Perpetual Remindings Digital Lcd Time Module

24-hour version digital LCD 4 channels of daily reminding clock module

Each reminding channel has its own individual output pole. Optionally all reminding channels may share the same output pole too. It operates 1.5 V DC with extremely low power consumption. AAA (UM4) battery holder is mounted on the rear side.


LED Visual Alarm and Audible Alarm Timer

With a flip of a switch this innovative timer has a selectable bright flashing LED visual alarm or audible alarm. Ideal for noisy environments. Timer counts down from 9999 hours in hour increments. Automatic memory resets the display to the last programmed time for repetitive tests.


For Power Control of Various Electrical Appliances or Equipment

It has two power input lines and one control signal output line. The power supply voltage is + 1.5V DC. The maximum range that can be set for the countdown is 99 hours and 59 minutes.

6 Hours Interval Fixed Countdown Timer

Special purpose LCD countdown timer with external manipulating lead

Various output and control poles are designed to provide user comprehensive applications, such as power on/off control of electrical device, security device control, automatically alarm system activation. Many kinds of preset values are available.


experienceMore than 30 years experience in the field.
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