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lifespan reminder

Product Descriptions
This lifespan reminder is a pre-programmed countdown timer. Designed particularly for the counting of any lifetime concern product or element. We are able to help client to pre-program a certain countdown interval as the so called maker's promised lifetime.

The timer is covered by a see-thru plastic case, sized as 70 x 16 x 11 mm. Pull off the installed PVC tab at the side to activate the timer to start counting down from the pre-programmed lifespan. When the lifespan counting down to zero, the LED lamp becomes blinking constantly to remind user that the replacement of new filter, or new element is required in order to keep product running normally.

The timer is weighted as 10 gms only, therefore it is possible to stick it on any convenient spot to remind user.
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  • Alert Method: LED blinking 6 times, then wait for 10 seconds and repeat again. Never stop until battery power exhausted
  • Power: 2 pcs of LR44
  • Physical size: 70 x 16 x 11 mm
The list of available time interval:
  • 365 days, 300 days, 200 days, 180 days, 100 days,
  • 90 days, 60 days, 30 days,
  • 5000 hours, 2500 hours, 1000 hours,
  • 500 hours, 300 hours, 200 hours, and 100 hours.

We welcome any other time interval. Our engineering team is capable to build client's own lifespan.