DAY PERIODIC INTERVAL REMINDER – a long/short range timer
Most of day periodic interval reminder are long range countdown timer. It is used to remind user replacing of expired filter, UV lamp, cartridge, changing car oil, maintaining equipment or durable devices. However, some of them are good for short term periodic reminding, weekly, or monthly personal activities, like medication treatment, exercise, training course.

The Keys

  For single key version, the TR810S series, just press the single key to reset and start countdown from the pre-programmed interval right away.
For two keys version, the TR810T series, make sure the timer is stop counting. If not press “Start/Stop” key to stop counting.  Then press “Set Back” key to reset back to pre-programmed interval, and press “Start/Stop” key to start countdown.

The Way of Reminding


Endless Dual-Alert, Aural &Visual
Most of user forget the purpose of why he/she setting the reminder to run after a certain period of time passed. Furthermore, it is not possible to ask user watch out current counting situation of the timer always. Therefore the feature of endless alert is very important to keep audible and visible warning the user that the time is expired. When time is expired, following two ways of alert goes off:

  Aural Alert: beep 6 times, wait for 10 seconds and repeat, never stop, unless key is depressed.
  Visual Alert : full LCD screen becomes blinking always, never stop, unless key is depressed

Low Power Consumption

  It is re-cyclable. Due to our successful manipulation of the power consuming, even after long term counting down, the remains of battery power are good enough to operate properly. Take TR810S-365D for for example, almost of 90% battery power still remains after 1st cycle of 365 days countdown, if audible alert is not activated. Therefore, frequently re-using of the timer is possible. Furthermore, follow the instruction offered, it is possible to replace a fresh battery when the power is exhausted.

Easy Operation

  Just press the single reset key(for TR810S series) or press SetBack key and then Start/Stop key (for TR810T series) to start countdown from pre-programmed day interval.

Examples of Using Day Interval Fixed Timer
  • Counting the lifespan of water, or air filter
  • Reminding the expired of UV lamp. Keep tracking of routing maintenance schedules for industrial, like water purification system
  • Routing refine or correction of valuable instruments and equipment, like piano, barometer, or any precisely meters
  • Keep tracking of changing car oil and routing vehicle maintenance
  • Routing exchange of aquarium filter; plant fertilization
  • Personal reminding to execute routing activities, such as medical examination and treatment, body treatment, training course

    Day Interval Fixed Versions Available

      TR810S-365D – yearly timer or 365 days, single key
      TR810S-300D – 300 days timer, single key 
      TR810S-200D – 200 days timer, single key
      TR810S-180D – half year timer or 180 days timer, single key
      TR810S-100D – 100 days timer, single key
      TR810T-100D – 100 days timer, dual-key
      TR810S-90D – quarterly timer, or 90 days timer, single key
      TR810T-90D – quarterly timer, or 90 days timer, dual-key
      TR810S-60D – bimonthly timer, or 60 days timer, single key  
      TR810T-60D – bimonthly timer, or 60 days timer, dual-key 
      TR810S-30D – monthly timer, or 30 days timer, single key  
      TR810T-30D – monthly timer, or 30 days timer, dual-key  
      TR810S-28D – 4weeks timer, or 28 days timer, single key
      TR810T-28D – 4weeks timer, or 28 days timer, dual-key
      TR810S-21D – 3weeks timer, or 21 days timer, single key
      TR810T-21D – 3weeks timer, or 21 days timer, dual-key
      TR810S-15D – 15 days timer, single key
      TR810T-15D – 15 days timer, dual-key
      TR810S-14D – 2 weeks timer, or 28 days timer, single key
      TR810T-14D – 2 weeks timer, or 28 days timer, dual-key
      TR810S- 7D – weekly timer, or 7 days timer, single key 
      TR810T-7D – weekly timer, or 7 days timer, dual-key
      TR810S-5D – 5 days timer, single key
      TR810T-5D – 5 days timer, dual-key
      TR810S-3D – 3 days timer, single key
      TR810T-3D – 3 days timer, dual-key
      TR810S-2D – dual day timer, or 2 days timer, single key
      TR810T-2D – dual day timer, or 2 days timer, dual-key
      TR810S-1D – daily timer, single key
      TR810T-1D – daily timer, dual-key

    Other Particular Intervals or Manual Adjustable Intervals

      Indeed, for particular application people may not satisfy the listed versions. They may intend to have a particular time interval. Then please ask. We welcome your request of any particular interval.
    However, people may like the flexibilty of setting various time intervals for different kinds of application. We have day adjustable, hour adjustable, minute adjustable, day-hour adjustable, hour-minute adjustable, and minute-second adjustable timers for your selection. Please click the following link to refer:
    • TR810D – day adjustable, 9999 days
    • TR810H – hour adjustable, 9999 hours
    • TR810M – minute adjustable, 9999 minutes
    • TR810DH – day and hour adjustable, 99D23H
    • TR810HM – hour and minute adjustable, 99H59M
    • TR810MS – minute and second adjustable, 99M59S

    OEM & ODM

      We welcome OEM or ODM project for particularly application. The current models may not fully fill your application. With more than 30 years experiences in the field, we are capable to design and build new plastic case mold, program new IC code, design and layout new PCB, and build new LCD format according to  your algorithm and specifications.